free buyer persona template

Free 6-Step Buyer Persona Template

Use this simple buyer persona worksheet to define your business’ ideal customers fast, in just 6 easy steps!

What's a buyer persona?

Also known as a customer persona, user persona, customer profile, ideal customer, audience persona or customer avatar. The buyer persona for your business is basically a detailed, semi-fictional description of your business’ ideal client(s) that:

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ideal customer profile

Why define buyer personas?

Knowing as much information as you can about your prospective customer’s personality, likes, buying habits, etc., can give you tips on how to tweak your marketing plan to better connect with them.

Free Buyer Persona Template

How Do I Use The Buyer Persona Template?

We walk you through the 6 steps in creating your ideal customer profiles, including expert tips and free tools for target market research and competitive analysis. We also provide examples that aid in completing each of the 6 steps, including a complete buyer persona example. Download your free customer persona template today and get started filling out your worksheet! 

Bonus Guides!

In addition to the buyer persona worksheet we will send you three more free guides!



Download your buyer persona template and get started today. We will send you an email with the pdf template and worksheet after you submit the form.

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