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There’s no shortage of digital marketing tools out there – but which ones are actually worth your time? We’ve gathered some of the best marketing and website tools that we use and recommend to help you grow and automate your online business.

Digital Marketing Tools

If you’re like many small business owners and entrepreneurs, you may be on a tight budget or feel empowered in learning how to create and run your own marketing strategies and campaigns. It’s what I like to call DIY Marketing, and that is why I’ve dedicated a whole page to share the digital marketing tools that I use and highly recommend. I update the recommended tools on this page regularly as things change (quality, new tools, etc.).

These tools have helped me create and grow (and sell) various businesses over the years, and I want to share these tools with you to make your decision-making process easier and quicker. You asked, and I’m here… to simplify marketing for busy business owners.

If you haven’t yet, check out our digital marketing guides and templates too.

There are many tools on the market to handle… marketing your business (couldn’t help myself there). Every business owner and entrepreneur will have different needs and preferences, so don’t immediately take my suggestion that this is the very best tool for you… because it might not be.

Make sure you test out a couple tools before going all in on one. And don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and feedback! 

Heads up, we may receive commission on purchases made through links on this page. Learn more.

Email Marketing / CRM Tools

ActiveCampaign is a CRM, sales and email marketing automation software that allows you to send out emails, SMS/chat and create triggers, all on autopilot.

Hubspot is a powerful CRM offering free and paid marketing tools to manage everything from automated email sequences to chat widgets and help desks.

Social Media Management Tools

Trello empowers you to manage your projects and tasks. It’s a great tool for social media management and to organize your marketing strategies and editorial calendar too.

A robust scheduler combines publishing technology with in-depth analytics and an easy-to-use dashboard for your automating marketing efforts.

Design Tools

One of the simplest, most streamlined options for graphic design, it’s great for beginners and experts alike! It offers tons of free, designed templates for all kinds of social media graphics.

A marketplace where you can find amazing fonts, templates, graphics, and more design assets for your marketing creatives.

Even if you have zero design experience, this tool helps you find color schemes and palettes that coordinate well together.

Over 2 million high-quality, high-resolution photos and images, all of which are completely free to use!

Over 3 million high-quality and resolution stock photos and videos free to browse and use.

Explore diverse collections of incredible high-resolution, royalty-free stock photos and videos.

Used by professionals, for everything from photo editing to creating your own custom layout of panels and windows, this is a complete package.

If you are familiar with vector graphics and software, this may be your best pick. From simple logos to brand books, this software provides tools to do it all.

The ultimate creative toolkit with Photoshop, Illustrator and more. A collection of software for graphic design, video editing, and photography to name a few.

SEO Tools

A WordPress SEO plugin that is easy to use, has a free version, and a schema generator to add structured data to pages so you can get more traffic with rich snippets.

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool (with paid versions) that aids in keyword research and also offers competitive analysis tools so you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

A free tool to research what questions are being asked about a topic to figure out the FAQs your target market is searching the web for.

A free tool to help you select keywords based on performance indicators, such as search volume and keyword difficulty.

One of the most recommended SEO tools online. When it comes to website crawlers, Ahrefs is only second to Google.

This complete marketing SEO tool allows you to easily access your rankings, perform competitive analysis, and create analytics reports.

A free tool that allows you to investigate what the trending search queries are so that you can strategically define your content plan.

Measure your page speed with Google’s free tool to ensure your website isn’t driving away frustrated users because it takes too long to load.

Offers a free way to monitor and report your website’s presence and performance in the wide world of Google SERP.

Website Tools

A lot of small business owners are interested in a more hands-on, DIY approach to building or optimizing their website. I applaud you! 

I recommend that all business owners and entrepreneurs understand at least the basics of how their website is built and the variables that help drive more traffic and increase conversions. These website tools have helped many entrepreneurs and business owners (just like yourself!) create and optimize their websites, on their own. 

There are many website products and services to pick from, and over the years, I’ve researched and tested a lot of the popular (and not-so-popular) options. 

I want to share these tools with you to make your decision-making process easier and quicker when it comes to deciding what tools you will use to build your website, design your website, host your website, and optimize your website.

Make sure you test out a couple tools before going all in on one. And don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and feedback! 

Website Builder Tools

Grow your online business with the #1 WordPress website builder. Create engaging website pages, forms, and popups on your own, no coding required.

Astra themes are optimized for WordPress to create fast, fully customizable, beautiful websites for your online business. Can be paired with Elementor too!

A WordPress SEO plugin that is easy to use, has a free version, and a schema generator to add structured data to pages so you can get more traffic with rich snippets.

Website Hosting Providers

A2 Hosting offers fast, reliable web hosting with stellar customer service with various types of hosting and plans to fit your specific needs.

Cloudways offers the best cloud hosting options; giving a site more resources to use, more flexibility, reliability and scalability.

NameHero offers fast and easy shared cloud hosting that’s scalable and affordable; plans that fit to your business’ needs.

Hostinger offers various web hosting options, including optimized WordPress hosting solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

SiteGround is know for its unmatched speed, security and support; offering shared hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting and domain registration.

Namecheap is our go-to domain registrar. We love their easy-to-use dashboard, affordable domain prices, and 24/7 support.

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