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Strategic Planning

We craft a roadmap that aligns with your business goals, identifying key opportunities and the optimal channels to reach your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as a performance-based or revenue-sharing marketing agreement, we partner with you for success by providing services based on a revenue-sharing model that is tailored to drive real growth for your business.

Simply put, we take a calculated risk when we decide to invest in your business. You only compensate us for our digital marketing services when you receive a sale. 

Our compensation is tied to the success we bring to you – a percentage of revenue generated from enhancing your marketing strategy.

For you, there is little-to-no risk: our incentives align with your growth. We acquire the greater risk because we believe your business has great potential to grow and scale. 

The revenue-sharing marketing agreement offers several distinct advantages over the traditional flat-rate model:

  1. Shared Risk and Reward: Our success is intertwined with yours. We both share the risks and rewards of our marketing efforts. If our strategies deliver exceptional results, we both benefit. This creates a strong partnership and a vested interest in achieving the best possible outcomes.
  2. Performance-Driven Focus: With a revenue-sharing agreement, our priority is to generate meaningful results that directly impact your bottom line. Our strategies and actions are driven by a desire to increase your revenue, which guides our decision-making and ensures our efforts are aligned with your business goals.
  3. Value-Oriented Approach: Rather than billing based on time or services provided, we base our compensation on the value we bring to your business. This shifts the focus from the process itself to the outcomes we achieve, allowing us to continuously adapt and optimize our strategies to meet your evolving needs.
  4. Long-Term Partnership: Our revenue-sharing model encourages a long-term partnership. As we work together and witness your business’s growth, our collaboration becomes more valuable over time. We are invested in your success for the long haul, fostering a deeper connection and commitment.
  5. Budget Efficiency: If you’re concerned about fixed monthly expenses, the revenue-sharing model can provide relief. Instead of paying a fixed fee regardless of outcomes, your expenses are directly tied to the revenue generated through our efforts. This can be especially beneficial during seasonal fluctuations or times of business expansion.

Ultimately, the revenue-sharing marketing agreement ensures that we are not just service providers but strategic partners, working side by side to achieve extraordinary results for your business.

Charging a percentage of the sale as opposed to a flat fee per lead aligns our interests with yours in the most direct way possible. When we take a percentage of the revenue generated from our marketing efforts, our motivation becomes tightly linked to your success. We are committed to not just generating leads, but ensuring that these leads translate into actual sales and revenue growth for your business. This approach incentivizes us to focus on quality over quantity and to continuously optimize our strategies to maximize your returns.
In contrast, charging per lead might incentivize us to generate a higher quantity of leads without considering their actual conversion potential. By tying our compensation to your revenue, we are more invested in nurturing leads through the entire sales cycle and turning them into valuable clients.

We believe in transparency and fairness when determining the revenue share percentage. The specific percentage is typically based on factors such as the complexity of your industry, the scope of our involvement, the expected impact of our strategies on your revenue, and the level of risk involved. Rest assured, we aim to create an arrangement that is mutually beneficial and takes into account the value we bring to your business.

Accurate tracking and attribution are crucial components of our partnership. We utilize advanced tracking tools and analytics to monitor the entire customer journey, from initial interaction to final sale. This allows us to attribute leads and sales to specific marketing strategies and channels. Regular reporting and transparent communication ensure that you have clear visibility into the results we’re generating and the revenue we’re contributing to your business.

We understand that marketing outcomes can take time to materialize. Our revenue-sharing model is designed to encourage a partnership built on trust and collaboration. If there are initial delays in achieving the desired results, we will work closely with you to analyze the situation, adjust our strategies as needed, and remain committed to your success. Our goal is to continuously refine our approach until we achieve the revenue growth we’re targeting.

Business landscapes are dynamic, and we understand that goals and strategies may need to evolve. Our partnership is adaptable and collaborative. If there are changes in your business goals or if market conditions shift, we’ll work together to adjust our strategies accordingly. Our priority is to maintain alignment with your objectives and ensure that our efforts continue to drive revenue growth in line with your vision.

Real Results

Our goal isn’t just to enhance your digital footprint—it’s to fuel your business growth with measurable, real-world results.

Natalie Krul Bio

Natalie Krul, founder of Klever Strategies LLC. is a leader in digital marketing, specializing in strategic planning, implementation, and optimization. She has worked in digital marketing & business development for 20+ years. She helps small business owners who struggle with creating an automated digital marketing strategy that will actually generate more leads and sales conversions from their websites, so they can spend more time focusing on their passion and what they do best.

She’s created and sold various types of businesses, such as an online business that earned over 1 million in revenue in just 12 months!

marketing coach

She's created and helped build businesses in various industries:

What makes Natalie Stand out from the rest?

Unlike many digital marketing consultants, I’ve done my due diligence, I’ve created, launched, developed, and sold a variety of small businesses, and later, helped numerous small business owners grow through solid digital marketing strategies.

I genuinely care about the business owners I work with. I’ve walked many years in the entrepreneur’s and small business owner’s shoes. I’ve felt the disappointment of failure. I’ve learned from these real-life business development experiences. And I’ve felt the satisfaction of creating a business from scratch and surpassing all goals, and I want to help other small business owners experience that feeling of satisfaction too!

I want to share the brilliant marketing formula that has worked for my clients, and my own businesses, time and time again. The pains and joys I’ve experienced as a serial entrepreneur drive my deep desire and passion for helping as many other entrepreneurs and small business owners, just like you, succeed!

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