How To Run a Website Audit

Use this free checklist of the top elements to evaluate when auditing websites!

Auditing Websites

What is a website audit? How do you run an audit of your website? Performing your own website audit doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming.

website audit
website audit checklist

Why is a website audit important?

Your website doesn’t always notify you that something isn’t working properly or providing your visitors with the best user experience, so performing a website audit is the best way to ensure everything is still running smoothly.

Website Audit Checklist

What's in the Website Audit Checklist?

Boost SEO, provide a better user experience, and increase traffic and conversions. We walk you through the 5 key areas to evaluate when performing a website audit for your small business, including examples of important website elements.

Bonus Guides!

In addition to the checklist we will send you three more free guides!

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Download your website audit checklist and get started today. We will send you an email with the pdf checklist and guide after you submit the form.

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